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Transparant Fee Structure





Please see below for our price ranges for our services. The majority of our clients fall within this pricing model. However, as every tax situation is different, there are times when pricing is outside of our averages based on the complexity and volume of work needed. We look forward to connecting and working with you.

Tax Preparation

Individual Returns: $250-$1,000
(Form 1040, Sch C, Sch E)

Partnership Returns: $500-$1,500
(Form 1065, Distribution of K-1)

Corporations: $500-$1,500

(Form 1120, 1120-S, Distribution of K-1)

Estate Tax Returns: $500-$1,000

Not For Profit Returns: $500-$750

(Form 990)

Gift Tax Returns: $350-$500

(Form 709)



Annually: $500-$1,000 (One Time)

Quarterly: $350 (Every 3 Months)

Monthly: $250 (Every Month)

Others Tax Services

Tax Consulting: $250/Hour

Offer In Compromise:  Ask for Quote

Penalty Abatement: Ask for Quote


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